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Why Semi-Annual Maintenance is Important for Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

As a homeowner, it can be easy to overlook certain systems throughout the changing seasons. Heating and air conditioning systems occasionally get neglected as the weather goes from chilly to hot and back throughout the year. Not only do all types of home appliances deal with wear and tear over time, but extended periods of inactivity can also cause unexpected problems.

Below are just a few of the biggest reasons why you’ll want a semi-annual maintenance plan for your air conditioning and heating systems:

    • 1) Keep Your HVAC Systems Running at Optimal Efficiency
      While you might still be able to have an operating HVAC system without regular maintenance, the longer you go without maintenance, the less efficient your HVAC system becomes. Our skilled technicians know how to diagnose problems with your HVAC system and increase efficiency back to optimal levels.If you live in Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs, Kennesaw, Marietta or surrounding areas, give us a call and ask about our $49 Diagnostic service.
    • 2) Semi-Annual Maintenance is Typically More Affordable Than a Repair Job
      Semi-annual maintenance will allow an experienced and trained technician to identify small problems before they become bigger problems. Without regular maintenance, that small problem can grow and cause significant damage to the individual heating or air conditioning unit, or the entire HVAC system throughout the home. In these avoidable cases, the cost of repairing the damage ends up being more than the price of a semi-annual maintenance plan.Ask us about the special rate (just for our readers!) for our semi-annual maintenance plan (ranging from $139 to $259 for 1-to-3 systems.
    • 3) Prevents Accidentally Voiding Your Warranty
      For some air conditioning and heating units, you can actually void the warranty on the entire system by not having regular maintenance. While this may not be the case with all systems, the cost of regular maintenance will not only give you the other benefits listed in this article, but it will prevent you from losing the advantages of having a warranty on your system.
    • 4) Longer Lifespan of HVAC Systems
      An air conditioning & heating system that is regularly maintained through semi-annual maintenance plans will stay closer to optimal operational levels on average, allowing it to operate effectively as intended. When HVAC systems get neglected, they become less effective, have more wear-and-tear damage, and become subject to other issues. For these less-maintained systems, their lifespan can actually diminish.Semi-annual maintenance makes sure that you aren’t shorting out the lifespan of your HVAC system and allows you to get the most mileage out of it.
    • 5) Get Ahead of the Curve when Season Changes
      When you haven’t used your air conditioning or heating unit in a while (multiple months at a time), you run the risk of your system not operating as efficiently (or at all!) when you turn it on. In some cases, the system may turn on, but pushing the HVAC system to its maximum load (after months of being inactive) can cause unexpected issues or damage that only a repair can fix.
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Ask us about our $49 Diagnostic (includes inspection AND trip fee) and our special rates for our readers: $139 per-year for semi-annual HVAC maintenance (Spring & Fall) for one system, $199 per-year for two systems, or $259 per-year for three systems.

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