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Air Conditioner Repair Service

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E Dennis Air Conditioning & Heating is a dependable and professional HVAC service provider in Georgia. Our certified technicians provide emergency services and hours, and our team is devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the best service possible, and our BBB Accreditation and A+ rating is a testament to the quality and reliability of our services.

We specialize in AC repair in Newnan, GA, and with our team of experienced technicians, we are able to identify problems quickly and address them with efficiency. We also provide regular maintenance services to ensure the AC units are running optimally and to prevent any potential issues. To learn more about us, give our friendly team a call today at 770-758-0501!

Signs You Need AC Repair

Anyone who lives in Georgia knows that summers are hot and humid. Don’t go into another summer without a properly funcitoning AC unit. Common signs your AC may be on the fritz:

Scheduling air conditioning repair in Newnan, GA doesn’t have to be a pain. Get in touch with E Dennis Air Conditioning & Heating today and our office staff will make getting an appointment a breeze (and help you bring the breeze back to your home!)

Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is the unsung hero of the South, but if you’re not taking care of it, then you’re lowering its lifespan. While the team at E Dennis Air Conditioning & Heating is always happy to pay you a visit, we would like to share some tips to take care of your AC:
Even if you do your best, you still may need air conditioning repair in Newnan, GA. Don’t fret! We can help get your home back on track soon enough. Call us today to schedule your appointment for air conditioning repair in Newnan, GA and feel comfortable at home again.