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Crawl Space Encapsulation
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Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

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As a vital part of your home, a crawl space requires regular maintenance. We recognize how challenging this may be and stand ready to lend a hand. Enclosing a crawl space is the best way to prevent water damage to the foundation and maintain a comfortable humidity level in the space. This not only reduces the likelihood of having rodents, insects, and snakes living under your home, but it also reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew in the crawl space, which can affect the indoor air quality of your home and the structural foundation. Enclosing your crawl space also facilitates repairs to your HVAC system, which is located underground.

E Dennis is widely regarded as the go-to HVAC company in the Western Atlanta Suburbs due to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We guarantee our clients will be satisfied with our services, and our emergency services, extended business hours, and qualified technicians are available to make sure of it. Our hard work has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, proving our dedication to being the best HVAC provider around.

If you are in and have questions about crawl space encapsulation, our knowledgeable technicians can help. We have extensive experience in this area and can detect any potential issues quickly. We also offer scheduled maintenance plans to keep your crawl space in optimal condition. Call us today at 770-758-0501 for more information!

FAQs About Crawl Space Encapsulation

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing off a crawl space from outside elements by creating a vapor barrier with plastic sheeting, insulation, and other materials.

How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Work?

Crawl space encapsulation in works by sealing off the crawl space, preventing air and moisture infiltration. This is done by installing a vapor barrier, air sealing any penetrations and gaps, and insulating the crawl space walls.

What Are The Benefits Of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

The main benefit of crawl space encapsulation is improved air quality in the home. It also reduces the risk of mold growth, improves energy efficiency, and prevents pests from entering the crawl space.

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Are There Any Long-Term Maintenance Requirements For Crawl Space Encapsulation?

With crawl space encapsulation there are very simple long-term maintenance requirements. The vapor barrier should be inspected once a year for any signs of damage and replaced if necessary.

What Is The Difference Between Crawl Space Encapsulation And Waterproofing?

Crawl space encapsulation is a process that seals off a crawl space from outside elements, while waterproofing is a process that protects against water damage. Waterproofing can be used in conjunction with crawl space encapsulation to provide an extra layer of protection.

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