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4 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Heating System

Regular maintenance on your heating system is important, especially with colder days quickly approaching. Although it is still rather warm out during the day, the nights are beginning to cool off. It will be cold before you know it. Take the time this fall to prepare your heating system for keeping your house warm during the cold winter months. As summer turns into fall, there are a few simple tips to remember to make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape for when you will need it most.

Change the Filter
Your AC unit has run efficiently all summer long, but it has also taken a toll on the HVAC filter, filtering out dust, debris, and allergens. Now that it’s time to think about the heating system, it is also time to change out the filter. Regularly changing out the filter is a must to ensure high air quality inside the home. When it’s time to shut the windows and turn on the heat, you don’t want to be breathing in dirty air, so keep up with changing air filters as needed throughout the year, including the fall. It will not only improve air quality but also increase energy efficiency and decrease energy costs.

Clean the Vents and Keep Them Clear
Running your AC unit all summer long has kept your house cool and comfortable. But running it often causes dirt and debris to build up inside your home’s vents. Instead of blowing out clean air, dirty vents will blow out dirty air. You don’t want to breathe in dirt, dust, pollen, or allergens. Polluted air can exacerbate health conditions such as allergies or asthma. Cleaning the vents regularly ensure that the air being recirculated throughout the home is clean, pure air. As you think of turning on the heating system, the same principle applies. Keep the vents clean so that it’s only heat being circulated throughout the home and nothing else. Also, keep vents clear of furniture or anything that may block heat from circulating freely.

Inspect the Ducts
Efficiency is crucial to making sure your home stays warm throughout the upcoming colder months. Any air escaping through the ducts will reduce energy efficiency. Ducts should be airtight, but over time, may suffer from wear and tear. To prepare the heating system, turn it on and listen or feel for any escaping air from the ducts. Seal up any leaks you may find. When all the heat is going through the ducts and out the vents into your home, it will stay warm and comfy all season long. Not to mention it will cut down on wear and tear as well as save on energy efficiency, which is always a plus.

Invest in Regular Maintenance
Just like a car needs a tune-up, so does a heating system. Regular maintenance on your heating system is recommended each year, preferably in the fall before you need it. AC technicians will look over your unit, clean it, and check for necessary repairs. This ensures it can perform at optimal levels all season long and increase the longevity of your unit, again saving you time and money. Call E Dennis Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your regular tune-up for your heating system and be sure your HVAC system is in proper working order. Our expert technicians are here to help!

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