High Efficiency Cooling Systems

Improve Comfort & Save Money

Our Lennox and Ruud high efficient cooling systems are designed to bring you comfort, quality, and dependability in all price ranges. They range from our single stage 14 SEER, all the way through our 25 SEER inverter driven variable capacity. The moisture removal of these variable capacity systems increase the indoor conditions dramatically. It is especially noticeable during the night when the system idles at low speed, pumping moisture from the home. Let us perform a load calculation and cost analysis to show you the potential energy savings with high efficient Lennox and Ruud systems.

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High Efficiency Heating Systems

The Heart of Efficiency

Our Lennox and Ruud heating systems are designed to bring you comfort, quality, and dependability. The furnaces are not only designed to bring you high efficient heat, but also play a significant role in your high efficient cooling. They communicate with the thermostat, A/C, and outdoors, to provide the ultimate comfort system. They also contain the ECM or variable speed blower to provide ultimate cooling and heating. Let us show you the benefits of a high efficient furnace with ratings up to 98.7% AFUE.

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High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Improve Your Total Electric Efficiency

Our Lennox and Ruud heat pump systems are designed to bring you comfort, quality, efficiency, and dependability. These systems range from 14 SEER single stage, through 25 SEER inverter driven, variable capacity. Heat pumps can be a component of a total electric system, or a dual fuel system that has a natural or propane gas furnace for auxiliary heat. Let us assess your heat pump system and show you how your comfort and energy savings can be increased.

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Hydronic Heating

A Very Friendly and Comfortable Heat

We design and build hydronic heating systems. This type of heat is renowned for its comfort due to its even, warm, heat that does not reduce the relative humidity as a forced air furnace does. We can design a system for any of your applications. Our specialty is radiant slab heat. Though, not prevalent in the south, we can show you how it works, the benefits, and customize a system for you.

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Fireplaces, Gas Logs, & Space Heaters

Adds Class and Provides Heat Independent of Power

We are very experienced in non-vented gas fireplaces, logs, and space heaters. Have one of our experienced representatives see what best meets your needs. If you fireplace meets the standards, a set of remote operated, non-vented, gas logs adds class along with a source of heat independent of electricity. These make nice gifts for those special occasions.

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Energy Efficient Duct Systems

Improves Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

A duct system meeting the latest Energy Standards is critical for an efficient HVAC system and home. These tight duct systems also reduce dust in the home by not allowing the duct system to take in dust particles outside the envelope of the home. We at E Dennis A/C are DET certified and licensed to perform the tightness tests on the duct system as well as the home. With this training, we know what it takes and how to properly install a first-class duct system. Let us attach our testing equipment to your existing duct system and you will want an Energy Certified system installed right away.

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Duct Cleaning

Get the Dust Buildup and Debris Out

After several years of use, your duct system is prone to be lined with the airborne particles it circulates. These particles can become a breeding ground for allergens and pathogens. We can thoroughly clean your ducts with our Rotobrush Duct Cleaning System. Our trained technicians can send a remote camera through your ducts before and after to ensure a successful job.

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HVAC Maintenance

Keep Your System in Peak Performance Mode

State of the art diagnostic tools and continuous training assure that our technicians can have your system(s) operating at optimal performance. HVAC maintenance helps reduce downtime of equipment and improves comfort and efficiency. We look forward to helping protect your HVAC investments. Become a member of our service contract customers, and see us twice per year. DON’T be the one we see every 5 years when its 0 degrees or 100 degrees, with a gigantic repair bill!

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Wi-Fi Thermostats

HVAC Controls by Your HVAC Company

The latest in marketing by phone, alarm, or television companies is to sell and install your WiFi thermostat. These guys know very little about these, and nothing about your HVAC equipment. We have seen some absolute horror stories and unneeded repairs caused by a thermostat that is not compatible with the HVAC system. Not to mention, your equipment warranty is voided by these companies not being licensed in the HVAC field. If you are interested in full HVAC control from anywhere, let an E Dennis representative help you make the proper selection and install and profile

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Out of Sight Shouldn’t Mean Out Of Mind

Although you may rarely pay it a visit, and it is hidden beneath the floor, the crawl space of your home should receive as much attention as you give the inside of your home. Crawl spaces, if not maintained, can become breeding grounds for rodents, insects, and snakes. Likewise, excess moisture in your crawl space can be hospitable to mold and mildew. These can infiltrate into your home and cause serious problems. If you HVAC and duct system is located within the crawl space, then it is imperative that these conditions do not exist. Crawl space encapsulation coupled with a dehumidifying system are designed to eliminate these bad conditions and make the space under your home very presentable to those that must navigate it. We will be happy to send a trained technician to assess your crawl space today.

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Big Ass Fans

The Biggest Fans and the Brightest
Lights for Your Business and Home

The unique, patented design of Big Ass Fans incorporates 1 to 2 horsepower motors and extruded aluminum airfoils (instead of traditional fan blades) to move a very large volume of air very slowly and quietly throughout large spaces. The small motors make the fans extremely energy efficient, costing just pennies per hour to operate. When used in conjunction with an existing HVAC system, customers can expect to save 25% or more on their energy bills. These range from 6′ to 20′ and are available in custom color schemes. Let us asses your home or business for a BAF.

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Indoor Air Quality (AIQ) Products

Clean Air Inside Your Home is No Accident

Whether it is allergens or you just want to provide yourself and family the best air possible in the place you spend most of your time, these products are the key. They include high efficient filtration, humidification, dehumidification, ultra violet duct lights, and energy recovery ventilation. These products also increase the life of your HVAC equipment. An E Denis IAQ trained technician can assess your HVAC and home helping you make the right decisions in this category.

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