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Why Upgrading Your Air Conditioning Is Beneficial

With the heat and humidity of high summer, nothing beats air conditioning. The trade-off, however, is that equipment ages, breaks, and becomes obsolete. If your current AC unit suffers from these issues, an upgrade can help.

Addressing Breakdowns Before They Happen

Most homeowners avoid upgrades until their AC units break down beyond repair. The problem is that breakdowns usually happen when the unit is needed most. If you can’t get a new install quickly, you will suffer in the heat and may pay more for expedited installations. Choosing to upgrade an old AC can avoid such scenarios, keeping you cool for years to come.

Upgrades Match Your Equipment and Needs

Your AC unit might be in working order, but it may struggle with the workload that you place on it. Current or previous remodeling may have added indoor air volume. Perhaps the previous homeowner installed a smaller unit to save money when flipping their home. You might also find your portable and window ACs aren’t cooling all the rooms in your home.

No matter the scenario, underpowered systems must continuously run while struggling to cool a home. Upgrading your equipment will address these issues. The new air conditioner will cool all targeted areas efficiently. Your AC will not need to run continuously, and many modern controls allow you to adjust the temperature in each room. That could help with that one room that seems to get all the sun and heat during the summer!

Savings for You and the Environment

How can spending for an upgrade help you save? If you are like most homeowners, your current system could be 10 or more years old. Eventual wear and tear will require service calls for repairs, and those begin to add up. Upgrading your AC provides new equipment and warranty coverage.

Another form of savings is using less energy to cool your home. Today’s AC units are more energy efficient and can save up to half your utility expenditures compared to outdated systems.

Upgrading also lets you access programmable smart controls that provide optimal power management. You can program your AC to cool your home during off-peak hours when electricity is less expensive. You can use upgrades in specific rooms. That lets you cool only the parts of your home that need it, saving energy in rooms that do not.

Today’s news gets filled with stories about fossil fuels and energy use harming the environment. New equipment cools indoor air faster, using less energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

An upgrade can also improve the value of your home. That can improve your selling price, as buyers will pay more for homes with new HVAC equipment.

If you live in Newman, GA or the greater Atlanta area and need an AC installation in your home, contact E Dennis AC Inc. to upgrade.

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