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Why Drain Cleaning Is a Great New Year’s Resolution Choice

A new year has arrived, and you use the same resolutions from last year this year. Let this year be the year to do something different, though, and make a resolution for your home. Make drain cleaning your resolution this year.

Why Do I Need Drain Cleaning Services When the Drains Are Clear?

The assumption is to schedule drain cleaning services when there are noticeable signs of a clog. That’s a good reason to call us, but that’s not the only reason. Drain cleaning is a routine checkup service that prevents clogs from forming. It is preventative maintenance. Your drains may appear clean, but drain cleaning services can confirm or assure you that the drain is clear. Other reasons to clean them are to remove mold and mildew, eliminate odors, and stop drain noise.

Drain-cleaning solutions clear drain pipes in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. We recommend cleaning your plumbing system once or twice a year. Doing this keeps your drains in excellent condition, prolongs their lifespan, prevents significant repairs, and saves money. The savings show up on your water bill when it stays the same each month. After all, leaks and bursts increase the water bill. The amount you pay for drain cleaning maintenance is less than fixing major repairs and paying a higher bill.

Five Tips to Keep Your Drains Clear All Year Long

Drain cleaning is effective when you do your part to keep it clean. Do five things throughout the year to keep them that way.

  • Use the hot water faucet to clear the drain after use
  • Don’t flush food, bones, peels, hair, and foreign objects down the drain or toilet
  • Pour cooking grease and oil into a grease container and dump the grease in the trash can
  • Add drain screens, food strainers, and hair guards to catch food and foreign objects
  • Never use store-bought liquid drain cleaners to fix problematic drains

Your drains are not a second trash can, and your garbage disposal can’t dispose of everything thrown at it. These tips are essential to helping clean drains stay clean. It may feel like a chore, but the work put into taking extra care of your pipes is worth it.

Start the new year on the right track by removing drain buildup from last year. Between guests, cooking, cleaning, and washing, your plumbing system operates on overdrive during the holidays. Some gunk may end up staying in the drainpipe.

When you call us, we use our expertise and the latest devices to rid your drains of foreign objects, fungus growth, mineral buildup, soap scum, and more. You’ll have clean, odor-free, and noise-free plumbing throughout the house. It is easier to maintain cleanliness after the cleaning stage. Contact E Dennis AC Inc. for more information on drain cleaning services in the Newnan, GA area.

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