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What to Expect from a SemiAnnual HVAC Maintenance Visit

A semi-annual HVAC tune up from a reputable HVAC company is highly recommended to make sure your unit is ready to handle the summertime heat and the cold of winter. Scheduling a semi-annual maintenance visit is a great way to prolong the life of your HVAC unit as well as avoid costly repairs that could be avoided. Annual maintenance costs are well worth the money and they can you save thousands of dollars down the road. Not to mention they practically guarantee that your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long and warm and cozy all winter long. But what is involved in an HVAC tune up? There are several things a Dallas HVAC repair technician will do to make sure your unit is prepared for the upcoming season.

Perform a Thorough HVAC Inspection

The first step to an annual maintenance visit is to thoroughly go over each and every part of the unit. The highly trained HVAC technician will check electrical connections to make sure everything is properly connected. They will then look over each component and note any potential problems. Any malfunctioning parts could lead to an HVAC unit that isn’t functioning at optimal levels or even total system failure, which should be avoided at all costs. The refrigerant levels will be checked, coils will be cleaned, and problem areas will be repaired. A checklist is followed at each HVAC maintenance visit to be sure that each and every part has been properly inspected and cleaned and is in ready, working order.

Inspect the Thermostat and Ducts

The maintenance visit also includes a check of the thermostat settings and duct system as they are also important to guaranteeing your HVAC unit is working as it should. The technician will evaluate how fast or slow the home is cooling or warming and make sure that it is reaching the set temperature in a reasonable amount of time. They will be sure all vents are clear and cold air is blowing out.

Check the Air Filter

Dallas HVAC technicians will check the air filter to be sure it is clean, allowing air to flow through and be circulated throughout the home. If the air filter is dirty, they will replace it. Some air filters are reusable and can be cleaned. Either way, a clean air filter is essential for quality air flow and your HVAC repair technician won’t leave your home without installing a clean air filter.

Look Over the Condensation Drain

If the condensation drain is not draining properly, it can become a much larger issue for homeowners. For this reason, an annual HVAC maintenance visit involves a proper inspection of the condensation drain. Our HVAC technicians will remove debris and check for bacteria or mold. Anything blocking the drain could lead to significant water damage, so it is important to take any steps to ensure it is draining properly.

Add Lubrication

Moving parts of an HVAC unit can become slower over time. Any friction between moving parts only leads to more problems. Additionally, parts that aren’t lubricated have to work harder to operate effectively, causing wear and tear to the unit. This leads to less-than-ideal working conditions now and increases the chances of repairs later on. An HVAC maintenance check includes lubricating all the moving parts so that they can continue to work with ease and efficiency.

To guarantee your HVAC unit is ready to conquer the summer heat and the winter chill, contact E Dennis for a semi-annual maintenance check and have peace of mind that your unit is working at optimal levels all year round.

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