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Signs Professional Drain Cleaning Is Necessary

To keep your plumbing in good condition, it is essential to address problems quickly before they become major disasters. Part of addressing problems is watching out for symptoms of trouble, especially when it concerns how well your drains are functioning.

Gurgling Sounds in the Pipes

When you run water or flush toilets, you should never hear gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your pipes. Gurgling and bubbling sounds mean you have serious problems that require the immediate help of a plumber. You have a blockage in your sewer line that is preventing water and waste from moving freely. Scheduling a main line cleaning will eradicate this problem.

Standing Water Near Drains and Appliances

If you notice standing water near your appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine, check other drains in your home to see if they have standing water near them as well. If other drains in your home have standing water around them, your appliances are not to blame. You have a clog somewhere in your pipes that is restricting the flow of water.

Drains Have a Musty Smell

Drains that are clogged with soap scum, hair, and grease make the perfect breeding ground for biological growth and fungi. If your drains contain biological growth, they will produce a musty smell. Help from a plumber is needed to eliminate biological growth from your drains because a professional will have the necessary tools and solutions to complete this task correctly and safely.

Other Unpleasant Odors

Because drains are wet and moist places, bacteria sometimes grow there, and this causes bad odors. Professional drain cleaning can eliminate this issue. Plumbers have access to drain cleaners that are not available for residential use, and these will kill any bacteria that are lingering in your drains.

Slow Drains or Repeat Clogs

A clog in a drain or toilet that occurs occasionally is not as much of a worry. But if you notice water is perpetually draining slowly or toilets are frequently clogging and overflowing, your drains have a blockage that must be eliminated before it causes more severe problems.

Lack of Success Clearing a Clog Yourself

If you have tried to clear the clog on your own by dumping boiling water down the drain or using a plunger without success, you need to schedule professional drain cleaning services. The clog is either too extensive or too far down the pipe for you to reach.

To keep clogs and other drain problems to a minimum, it is advantageous to schedule regular drain cleaning services. Experts recommend that you schedule drain cleaning annually. For help maintaining the plumbing in your Newnan, GA home, contact us today at E Dennis AC Inc. for professional drain cleaning.

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