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Lift Station Maintenance: When Does My Lift Station need cleaning?

Lift Station Maintenance: When Does My Lift Station need cleaning?

A lift station is an elaborate mechanical system that needs to be cleaned and inspected every month or few months. A lift station is hazardous and full of toxic gases, so handling wastewater is a dangerous task that must be done professionally. Cleaning and maintenance must be done frequently to maintain the proper functioning of your lift station.

Signs of a Needed Cleaning

A lift station, like a toilet or any fixture, requires minimal maintenance if it’s connected properly. After a number of years, this equipment breaks down and shows signs that it needs immediate repairs.

You may notice foul odors coming from the area around the septic tank. The toilet may back up and cause odors to circulate around the room. In the shower, there may be reduced drainage caused by clogs that occur more often than usual.

You may also notice a problem with the pump that runs double time, which is wasteful of electricity and expensive to fix. A damaged pump works at half of the speed and efficiency than it used to. At some stations, there are backup pumps in case the main pump goes out of service. In some cases, a very old pump needs to be cleaned, but in most cases, regular cleaning is needed to maintain its efficiency.

Overall, a lift station works by moving solid and liquid waste from one location to another. When that basic system stops working, the sewage backs up. At restaurants, the lift stations are usually connected to grease traps that need grease control. Clear out the backed up waste and keep the inside of the station clean.

What Cleaning and Maintenance Involves

Lift station cleaning requires that plumbers perform a few, cautious tasks. First, they must clean the sewage system with a pressure washer and strong cleaning solutions. The use of acidic chemicals is highly effective at clearing out years of hardened buildup.

Biological treatments and aerators are often used for lift station maintenance to reduce odors and provide sanitation. Some cleaners add microbes or doses of nitrates, hydrogen peroxide or oxygen. Microbial products work by breaking down fats, greases and other hardened substances.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional

Monthly maintenance is necessary to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Much of the information about lift station maintenance is known only by professionals. An old station may have years of accumulated stains, and using a pressure washer is not strong enough to fix the problem. Some microbial products are more effective at cleaning, but only plumbers know of the best ones to buy. Professional cleaners have a good knowledge of the aerobic and anaerobic processes that breakdown bacteria and improve the cleanliness of a sewage system. Only hire professionals who have proven experience in lift station cleaning.

A wastewater lift station is an essential component of the sewage system that moves waste from one site to another. Find an experienced company that specializes in station cleaning and maintenance. Contact E Dennis to obtain quality services for residential homes and commercial businesses in North Atlanta and beyond.