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How to Prevent AC Breakdowns to Keep Your System Running

Implementing proper care and maintenance practices for your AC system is crucial for reducing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring optimal efficiency during the summer season. By following these effective strategies, you can help prolong the life span of your AC unit and avoid costly repairs.

Regular Filter Maintenance

One of the critical steps in avoiding AC breakdowns is regularly replacing or cleaning its air filters. Dirty or clogged filters can restrict airflow, decreasing AC efficiency and straining the system. Aim to change or clean filters every one to three months or per your manufacturer’s recommendations and usage patterns of your AC.

Proper Outdoor Unit Care

Your AC system’s outdoor unit is pivotal in its overall performance. To keep it functioning smoothly, ensure it remains clear from debris such as leaves, grass clippings, or dirt accumulation. Inspect regularly to remove obstructions that might impede airflow; cut back any vegetation within 2 feet to maintain clear access around its core unit.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Appointments

As a homeowner, you can perform basic AC system maintenance tasks at home; however, professional technicians can identify any potential issues before they become severe and lead to significant breakdowns. It is wise to have a professional service your system at least once annually, preferably before summer begins!

Monitor and Modify Thermostat Settings

Monitor the thermostat settings regularly to help prevent AC breakdowns and maximize energy efficiency. Avoid setting it too low as this places an unnecessary strain on the system; aim for comfortable temperatures instead, and use programmable thermostats if available to monitor changes on an automated schedule.

Maintain Proper Airflow

Adequate airflow is crucial for the efficient functioning of your AC system. Ensure all vents and registers are unobstructed by furniture, curtains, or other objects; blocked airflow reduces efficiency and can lead to frozen coils or other issues resulting in system breakdowns.

Address Refrigerant Leaks Promptly

Refrigeration leaks can have severe repercussions on the performance and reliability of an air conditioning system, possibly increasing its risk of breakdown and reduced cooling. Hissing noises near its outdoor unit could indicate refrigerant leaking, so contact a technician quickly to diagnose and rectify it to minimize further damage to your AC.

Prevention is crucial as a well-kept AC will deliver cooling when needed! Contact E Dennis AC Inc. of Newnan, GA, as we can help create a comfortable summer by offering AC repair and maintenance checks to keep your system in top shape. Through our services, we can help you experience worry-free cooling this season!