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Here’s Advice That Can Help You Cut Plumbing Costs

Everyone in the Atlanta region seems to be feeling the results of rising costs. Many of us are looking for ways in which we can save money. At E Dennis, we have some ideas that could help you lower your plumbing costs.

Save Water by Upgrading Your Fixtures

A lot of people in the Atlanta area live in older homes. Those homes could still be hanging on to their old toilets and showerheads, which use much more water than their newer counterparts. Toilets made more than a few decades ago could be using 5 to 7 gallons per flush, which is a considerable amount. Newer toilets typically use 1.6 gallons per flush or even less, all while handling the job very competently.

An older showerhead might have a flow of 4 to 6 gallons of water per minute. In comparison, a newer showerhead could be designed to have a flow rate of only 2 or 2.5 gallons per minute. Since we pay for our water, cutting down on consumption can be a smart way to save money. Our team can replace your fixtures for you if you need some assistance.

Look for Leaks

If you feel like your utility bills are on the higher side, there may be a plumbing leak somewhere. Most of the piping is hidden, so it can be hard for the average person to identify a leak. Fortunately, our team at E Dennis has the right tools necessary for the job. We can do a thorough assessment to see if there’s a problem, and if so, we’ll be able to remedy the situation. This can prevent you from using unnecessary water and paying more than you would otherwise have to.

Prevent Problems With Your Drains

In the fall and winter months, when people in Jasper, Woodstock, and other areas of Georgia are trying to stay cozy, we get a lot of calls about clogged drains. This situation can be somewhat expensive to fix, and it can be especially disastrous if you’re having a holiday gathering. Being gentle with your drains can be a smart move to prevent this issue.

Only waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. The shower drain should be protected by a hair net, and the kitchen sink shouldn’t be treated as a trash can, especially when it comes to sticky or greasy items. We’d be happy to help anyone who’s currently experiencing a clogged drain, of course, and we also offer preventative drain cleaning services. Your pipes likely have substances built up in them, and preventative drain cleaning can get rid of any potential risk factors.

There are many ways in which you can conserve water and prevent expensive problems with clogged drains. If you follow these tips, you’ll be doing your plumbing system and your budget a favor. Call us for help.

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