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Common Winter HVAC Problems that May Require Help From an Expert

Fall is finally upon us and the weather is gloriously cool! While you may no longer need to run your AC quite as much anymore, lower temperatures in the winter can come with their own slew of problems. Keep a close eye on your HVAC system this winter. If you notice any of these signs of repair, be sure to contact the professionals at E Dennis to have your system fixed and working again in no time.

Frozen Water Pipes

One of the biggest problems that can occur during colder weather is frozen water pipes. While it is thankfully a rare occurrence, it can still happen and is something you should watch out for. Cold temperatures and freezing weather can cause pipes or coils to freeze, which prevents the water from flowing freely throughout the pipes and results in the hydroponic systems no longer working properly. Frozen pipes can explode, just like a can of soda left in the freezer, causing significant damage and costly repairs. Rerouting potential problem pipes indoors or adding an extra layer of insulation can help protect your HVAC pipes from freezing this winter season. Should you experience a problem with your pipes freezing this winter, the HVAC experts at E Dennis can help.

A Faulty Thermostat or Furnace

If you notice the temperature in your home isn’t getting up to what you set it to, the problem could lie with your thermostat. While some temperature issues can be connected to the system, most of the time, the problem lies within the thermostat itself. A simple calibration may just be the solution. If there isn’t proper airflow to the furnace, the system can overheat and force an emergency shut down. Whatever the problem, E Dennis can fix it so your home can be comfortable and warm this winter.

Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is an essential part of the HVAC system. It removes particles from the air and keeps them from reentering the home. This helps keep the air in your home clean. As it collects particles, the air filter will become more and more clogged with dust and debris. This could affect the performance of your HVAC system or even cause your system to malfunction. To ensure your system runs efficiently this winter, change your filter often. It is recommended that you change your filter every two to three months, if not more, for optimum performance. Check it often and change it as needed to ensure your HVAC system can brave the cold of winter.

Whatever HVAC problems you encounter this winter, rest assured that E Dennis is here to help. Our expert technicians are standing by to handle your HVAC needs so you don’t have to worry this winter. Call us today to schedule a semiannual maintenance inspection or for necessary repairs for your HVAC system.

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