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Sewer Backups

Commercial Lift Stations Pump Repairs

Commercial Lift Stations Pump Repairs

You will want to make sure that your commercial lift station is functioning as it should to prevent any wastewater from coming out of the sewer system. If this happens, it can cause a severe environmental crisis. Raw sewage is full of bacteria and germs that can make people sick. The clean up for this can also be costly, especially with the local health department involved. It is important to make sure that your lift station is maintained properly, and if any lift station repairs need to be done, they are done quickly.

What Is A Lift Station?

A lift station may also be known as a pump station. It is an underground pit that connects to the sewer network. It is also known as a wet well. There is a network of pumps, water leveling, monitoring systems, and electronics. This lift station is one of the most critical assets in the sewer network.

What Is The Purpose Of The Lift Station?

The lift station has only one purpose, and that is to move and pump raw sewage and stormwater through the sewer collection system. This is typically done from a lower elevation due to the long-distance will not allow for gravity flow operations. A lift station that has been properly maintained will keep stormwater and raw sewage from flooding the local area.

Most commercial properties will have their main sanitary sewer lines, and their storm drains both connected to the lift station. This will help to ensure that wastewater flows off the property and into the city sewer collection system. If a backup occurs, it will cause the entire network to stop draining. This will create an environmental pollution nightmare.

Causes of Lift Station Failure

There are several things that can cause the lift station to fail and need a lift station repair. These include:

• Electrical. If there is an issue with the power supply, the pump will not be able to function until the power is restored.
• Pump failure. The submersible pump can clog due to female products, grease, or debris being flushed down the lines.
• Mechanical. A lift station contains many different mechanical components that can fail.

If the lift station pump fails, it is imperative to get a lift station repair or lift station replacement started quickly.

Bypass Plumbing

While the lift station pump replacement or lift station pump repair is being done, bypass plumbing can be offered. This is a portable pump that helps the lift station to function and keep wastewater flowing. This will only work there for a temporary solution, and the repair or replacement will need to be done quickly.

If your lift station needs to be repaired or replaced, call E Dennis today. They offer the following services:

• Emergency repair
• Lift station pump replacement
• Lift station repair
• Inspections
• Cleanouts
• By-Pass Plumbing

By hiring E Dennis, you will know that your lift station is in good hands. They will ensure that if you need a lift station repair or lift station pump replacement, all health and county regulations are followed, and those future failures are mitigated.

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