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Are You Ready For Summer?

Get Ready for Summer! It’s Time for Your Spring Annual Maintenance

As the daily temperatures begin to rise and warmer days are upon us, many people turn their attention to spring cleaning, summer plans, and being outdoors more and more. While you may currently be enjoying having your air conditioning turned off for the time being, soon enough, you’ll have to crank the temperature down and rely on the unit to keep your house nice and cool. We always recommend semi-annual maintenance plans for our customers, as they can help you to stay on top of keeping your HVAC system in the best condition all year round and help you avoid costly and preventable repairs. As you prepare for your spring semi-annual maintenance visit from our AC repair technicians, be sure to take note of these HVAC tips to help keep your unit in the best shape this year.

Clear the Outside Unit
It is common for debris to gather around the outside air conditioning unit without you realizing it. Particularly in the springtime, storms can knock down bundles of leaves and small branches, and the wind can push them around your yard and up against your house, often leaving them stuck in and around your outside AC unit. Pine straw and excess grass from mowing are also common culprits of AC debris. When vegetation is cluttering your outdoor unit, it may struggle to pull in enough air to work properly. This makes the unit work harder and may lead to your home not being cooled to your preferred temperature. While our techs will certainly check your outdoor unit when we perform your maintenance visit, this is a quick and easy task that you can do today to optimize the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Embrace the Programmable Thermostat
Especially in the crazy Georgia weather, your thermostat has likely seen its fair share of ups and downs in the most recent months. One day, it’s 78° and sunny, and the next day, it’s rainy, windy, and only 50°. While you may not feel the need to turn your heat on when it’s 50° outside, you probably don’t want your air to stay on. You can switch your thermostat on and off as needed, but what happens when you forget and it kicks on when you don’t want it to or you leave it off on a particularly hot day? This is a great time of year to get a new programmable thermostat to eliminate this issue altogether. It will minimize the unnecessary use of your HVAC unit and it will lower your electricity bill.

Keep Your Windows Closed
Although the weather outside may be beautiful, it’s best for your AC unit if you keep your windows closed. A cool, breezy day may seem like a great opportunity to cool down your house without turning on your AC, but it can actually make your unit work harder later on. When your windows are open, especially during the spring, all sorts of allergens and pollutants can enter your home, from pollen to dirt to air pollution and more. When these are in your home, your air conditioner has to work harder to pump the dirty air through the filters, making it take longer to cool your home and minimize the contaminants in the air, so it’s best to just keep your windows closed this spring.
If your spring semi-annual maintenance visit isn’t scheduled yet, call E Dennis located in Dallas GA today to get it set up! 404-400-HVAC

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